Partnerships to Support Canadian Wildlife Conservation

Learn how partnerships between companies, organizations & government agencies are helping protect Canadian wildlife & create a future where people & nature can coexist.

Partnerships to Support Canadian Wildlife Conservation

Wildlife conservation is a cause that many organizations and individuals are passionate about. To ensure the protection of Canada's wildlife, partnerships are formed between companies, organizations, and government agencies. WWF-Canada is one such organization that works with companies to raise awareness of key environmental issues and mobilize consumer action. These collaborations can include marketing campaigns for causes, product licensing, and sponsorship of events and programs.

Sheryl, a Wildlife Biology graduate, joined IFAW as a researcher to focus on issues related to commercial seal hunting in Canada, interactions between marine mammals and fishing, and the conservation and sustainable use of wildlife. In recognition of the Department of the Environment's growing responsibilities to protect nature, Wildlife Service Canada became its own branch. The Canadian Wildlife Act was passed in the 1960s, granting parliamentary authority for the creation, management and protection of national wildlife areas. This Act was amended to include all terrestrial species of flora and fauna and all species found within 200 nautical miles of the Canadian coast.

This constituted the first parliamentary authority for the creation of marine protected areas in Canada. The Endangered Species Act was passed to help prevent the disappearance of wildlife species in Canada, ensure the recovery of wildlife species that are extirpated, endangered, or threatened as a result of human activity, and manage species of special interest to prevent them from becoming endangered or threatened. The Scott Islands National Marine Wildlife Area became the first National Marine Wildlife Area established under Canada's Wildlife Act. The Wildlife Area Regulations were modernized to better protect the priority habitats required for the conservation of migratory birds, endangered species and other wild animals in Canada.

The Committee on the Status of Canada's Endangered Wildlife was created to provide independent advice to the Minister of the Environment on the status of endangered wildlife species. The Endangered Wildlife Recovery (RENEW) initiative was launched as a means of informing the public about progress made in protecting endangered species. The first Federal Advisory Board on Wildlife Protection and the Wildlife Division were created as part of the National Parks Subdivision. Currently, Sheryl oversees IFAW wildlife campaigns in Canada and works to identify and promote positive solutions that help wildlife and people to coexist.

It is a pioneering initiative to conserve wildlife in Canada by launching fundamental research in support of wildlife management, introducing a land acquisition process for a system of national wildlife areas and a national wetland preservation program focused on prairies. More than 40 years after its entry into force, the Regulations currently designate 55 national wildlife areas across Canada that provide approximately 1 million hectares of habitat for wildlife species. The success of these initiatives is largely due to partnerships between organizations like WWF-Canada and companies that are committed to protecting Canadian wildlife. These partnerships have enabled organizations like IFAW to launch campaigns that raise awareness about key environmental issues and mobilize consumer action. They have also enabled governments to pass legislation that protects endangered species and creates national wildlife areas. By working together with companies, organizations, and government agencies, we can ensure that Canadian wildlife is protected for generations to come. Through these partnerships we can create a future where people and nature can coexist in harmony.

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